When Running Connector, Usage options are shown
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When Running Connector, Usage options are shown


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When Running Connector, Usage options are shown even though config file has been specified.

For example
C:\CA_Connector>ca_agile_central2_hpalm_connector.rb my_config.xml -1
Usage: C:/Ruby22-x64/bin/ca_agile_central2_hpalm_connector.rb <options> <config_filename> <interval_in_minutes>

where <options> are:
                           --version, -v:   Prints the revision number of the connector.
                           --preview, -p:   Run the connector in preview mode, don't actually copy or update any items.
                 --log-file-size, -s <n>:   Set the size limit for a log file to <n> megabytes.
                 --max-log-files, -m <n>:   Set the maximum number of log files in log file rotation to <n>.
                              --help, -h:   Print this Usage message.
                         --cleartext, -c:   Bypass encrypting the credentials if they are already in clear text.

where <config_filename>
  File system reference to an XML file specifying the connector configuration.  Usual extension is '.xml'.

where <interval_in_minutes>
  The interval, in minutes, for which the connector will run after executing command the first time.
  -1 will only run the connector once and will exit afterwards.





The exact cause is yet to be determined


Two workarounds have been used to resolve this

1) Install the connector to a Windows workstation such as Windows 7 or Windows 10
2) Run the connector's .BAT file located in the Ruby22-x64\bin directory as follows:
C:\CA_Connector>ca_agile_central2_hpalm_connector.rb.bat my_config.xml -1