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Automatic Magic String in the VSE Recorder - How to disable it?


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


During the recording phase, VSE Recorder examines each transaction for arguments or parameters and automatically classifies some arguments as a magic string.
For more information regarding magic string, please refer to DevTest documentation in the link below:

When creating a new service using the VSE Recorder, we automatically get magic strings in the responses.
How to disable this behavior?


All supported DevTest releases.


The property 'lisa.magic.string.min.length' is used to define the minimum length of argument value in a VSE transaction request that is required to consider that argument for constructing a magic string out of it.
The default value is 3. 

We cannot disable magic string, but we can set this property to a higher value and the VSE Recorder would not consider arguments with fewer characters than what specified in the property. 
To change the minimum length for magic string, please add the following property to the for Workstation. 

With a value of 20, the VSE recorder will not examine arguments with minimum 20 characters of length.
The Workstation needs to be restarted after the file is updated.