I see detected software but cannot find it under categories or manufacturers


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When searching for a patch or release in DSM Explorer, while you may see an item detected and see it was detected using 'CA Provided' signatures, the patch does not appear to be listed under All Software->Software->Categories or All Software->Software->Manufacturers

When looking at discovered software of a computer I see "2018-05 Security Only Update - windows6.1-kb4103712-x64" (CA Provided), for example. When creating a query I do not see this and similar entries anywhere under Software, Discovered Software.


All supported OS's running DSM Explorer


By default, to reduce overhead and prevent performance delays, granular listings for patches are not shown and only top level product groups are displayed. This can make finding a patch confusing. To resolve this issue, in the Filter windows near the left side of the software list at right, there is a check box called "show flat list". Check this box and then once the list reloads, you should see your patch or you can now put your search term in and find your patch now.