SOAP webservice method getGroupMemberListValues returns empty list


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In CA SDM 17.1, the SOAP webservice method 'getGroupMemberListValues' returns an empty list.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Login to Service Desk web application as Administrator.
2. Create a group 'GroupA' and a contact 'UserA'.  Add the contact 'UserA' to the 'GroupA' group.
3. Using the SOAP web service call 'getGroupMemberListValues', try to retreive the member list for the 'GroupA' group using the following code:
<ser:whereClause>member.last_name LIKE 'U%'</ser:whereClause>
Result: The response contains an empty ObjectList. 


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1
All Supported Operating Systems


The resolution for this issue is available via defect DE40203.

The correction to this problem will be available in a future published fix.

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