Panvalet Library . Not enough Data Blocks


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We just received an issue reported by application team about a Panvalet library. They are receiving NOT ENOUGH DATA BLOCKS.
This Panvalet library already at 130,841 blocks.
According to the doc the max TOTAL BLOCKS can be 131,071 .. which means we would not be able to expand this library anymore. 
Is there a palliative solution, like a clean up/compress on the library ?


Component: PANVLT


Two options are available -
1)  Change the STATUS of members in the Panvalet library to DISABLED or INACTIVE and then DELETE the members.
See Error Recovery Procedure One Option One for more information on how to change the STATUS of Panvalet library members and DELETE them. 
2) Increase the blocksize used by the Panvalet library.
  • Run PAN#2 ++ATTRIBUTE  job to determine the current block size of the Panvalet library.
  • Use the Table of Block Sizes chart to determine the next larger block size

Review these considerations from Initializing the Library on block sizes:
Generally, if storage is not a problem, specify a large block size. The large block size maximizes the storage capacity of the DASD device, whereas a smaller block size means some loss in storage due to inter-record gaps (true of all DASD files). CA Panvalet stores only one member in a block. Therefore, the chosen block size should not greatly exceed the average compressed space anticipated for most members. Too large a block size wastes considerable disk space.

Additional Information

See KB000027431 for instructions on how to expand a Panvalet library