Case getting locked for an hour


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CA Advanced Authentication provides CA Management functionality which allows the CSR ( Customer success representative) or Fraud Analysts to work on a case which is generated after a specific Risk Advise is given for a transaction, if the CSR or FA has locked the Case for update but forgot, this case only be released after an hour for others to work.

We have encountered an issue where in CASE MANAGEMENT can only be accessed bye one CSR at a time . The first CSR agent will have to cancel/close case in order for other to be able to view the online activity. If the first CSR agent did not cancel/close – the message “There is a case opened – this is not editable” will appear for the next agent for around 60 minutes post which the case would be accessible.


Component: RSKFRT


The behavior you are seeing is valid one and protect the use cases where multiple CSR( Customer success representative) or Fraud analyst can update the same case at the same time, one case is assigned to one person and once he/she is done updating and put the relevant information with next actions, it will come to queue at that time. It is an educational thing if someone is not following this that they keep the issue locked without working on it and need to make aware the team.

The validity a case will be locked with one user is maintained at the database level and please look at the ARRFCONFIGURATION table and data below --

8 -1 DEFAULTCASETIMEOUTSECS DEFAULTCASETIMEOUTSECS 3600 Maximum duration a case remains exclusively assigned to a CSR viewing the case in the console (in seconds) 1 1 1100

Here 3600 is in seconds i.e. 1 hour and if you need to make this less you can run an update query to reduce the time