CA Identity Manager: Unable to acquire new DB2 Endpoint
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CA Identity Manager: Unable to acquire new DB2 Endpoint


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


There is an issue acquire a DB2 endpoint. After entering the DB2 information, the following error occurs:

Failed to activate connector on proxy connector server {LDAP: error code 32 - Failed to load module [email protected]]


Component: IDMGR


The DB2 client needs to be installed on the JCS server

To download a copy you should be able to look up "DB2 UDB Administration Client" it is an IBM product. This client is a listener that the JCS uses to communicate with your endpoint. Your DB2 administrator should be familiar with the software and should be able to help you configure it to connect to your DB2 instance.

Additionally, open up Connector Xpress -> Provisioning Servers -> Local Provisioning Server, select the DB2 endpoint and right click it.
Under the "choose managing CS" option verify that at least one of your JCS is selected.