How to Restore a Web Intelligence Report


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If a Web Intelligence report has become lost/deleted/corrupted, it is possible to restore a working copy IF an instance has been left from which the Temporary Storage can recover.


Component: SMJSPR


1) Locate the instance of the report to recover in the Temporary Storage folder within the Central Management Console (i.e. Navigate to CMC > Home > Folders > Temporary Storage and click on the ‘Instances’ tab).

2) Note down the name of the instance and the instance location, which can be found by click on the instance and viewing the ‘Instance Properties’.

3) Open InfoView and build a new Web Intelligence Document using the same Universe as the report to be recovered. Save the new report to your Favourites folder giving it the same name as the report to recover.

4) Back in the CMC (Central Management Console), find the file path of the replacement report by navigating to CMC > Home > Folders > User Folders > Administrator and click on the ‘Objects’ tab.  Click on the replacement report and note down the file path.

5) Navigate to the file location (noted down in Step 2) within the FileStore of the instance to recover and copy the file.

6) Navigate to the file location (noted down in Step 4) and rename the file to [current name].backup.

7) Paste the file of the instance to recover and rename it to the original file name of the replacement report.

The replacement report created should now load as the instance of the report recovered.