Missing Lync Server Tab on AD Endpoint in Provisioning Manager


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After upgrading IM from r14.0.x to r14.1.x (vApp or not vApp). There is no more Lync Server Tab from the Provisioning Manager UI.
But the IM web user console UI shows the "Lync" tab.


Since IM r14.1, Microsoft Lync is renamed as "Skype for Business" in CA Identity Manager.
The "Skype for Business" tab should be available for the AD endpoint definition only under the IM web user console but not under the old fashion IM provisioning manager UI.

If your "Active Directory Endpoint" screen (IM user console) still shows you the "Lync" tab instead of the new renamed "Skype for Business" one then 
this is because your IM r14.1.0 is an upgrade from a previous version. 
You can check from the "IM Management Console / Home / Environment / <Your IME> / Role and task settings" and clicking on import; 
look at the ActiveDirectory-RoleDef.xml version you are using.


IM r14.1.x upgraded from  r14.0.x  version.


From "iam_im.ear\management_console.war\WEB-INF\lib" open with winrar or winzip the roledefgen.jar file, 
extract the "com\ca\iam\roledefgen\ActiveDirectory.xml" file. 
From the Management Console import this file from "Role and task settings" (Browse button).