Error from the oracle probe ORA-12154 error
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Error from the oracle probe ORA-12154 error


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We have setup an oracle probe that we need to monitor two databases on. The oracle probe is setup to use the oracle client of the first database and is working as expected. When we create a connection to the second database we get an oracle client error ORA-12154. How can we monitor a second oracle database from the same oracle probe installation?


  • UIM 20.x and later
  • oracle probe 5.30 or later


- Guidance


The oracle probe environment variables only need to point to the location of an ORACLE client that supports the target database type. Check the oracle client documentation for compatibility.

As long as that is supported you should be able to update the ORACLE CLIENT tnsnames.ora file with the different database connection  / service names as needed and then have the oracle probe connect without an issue.

You should be able to use the sqlplus tool built into the oracle client to test the service name connection with the username and password to be used in the oracle probe.

If this works, then the oracle probe should work as well.