Error: "Error authentication user : <username> - EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed ISE_BACKEDNDOWN"


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Users are not able to log into Service Desk Manager.

Service Desk Manager integrated with EEM and EEM with LDAP.

Stdlogs shows:

Error authentication user : <username> - EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed ISE_BACKENDDOWN backend is down - took <value> milisencods

server.log  from EEM located in CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\logs\server.log:

[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] [src/LdapUtil.cpp:365] struct ldap *__cdecl eiam::server::ldap::LdapUtil::newLdapConnection(const class eiam::core::String &,const class eiam::core::String &,const class eiam::core::String &)
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] [src/LdapUtil.cpp:269] class eiam::server::ldap::LdapConnection *__cdecl eiam::server::ldap::LdapUtil::newConnection(const class eiam::core::String &,const class eiam::core::String &,const class eiam::core::String &)
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] GenericConnector::getInfo: error acquiring ldap connection [userstore: <LDAP Domain Name>]
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] Exception[-800]: failed to create ldap connection
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] [src/LdapConnector.cpp:209] class eiam::server::ldap::LdapConnection *__cdecl eiam::server::ldap::LdapConnector::newConnection(bool)
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] [src/LdapConnector.cpp:242] class eiam::server::ldap::LdapConnection *__cdecl eiam::server::ldap::LdapConnector::acquireConnection(void)
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] Caused by:
[0x00000744] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] Exception[-800]: bind failed



EEM is integrated with LDAP but the LDAP integration is not working due to incorrect credentials


Service Desk Manager 12.9 and later
EEM any supported version
Active Directory (LDAP) server


Ensure that the username and password in the LDAP configuration are correct.  To troubleshoot, determine and verify the correct username and password in the LDAP Server by following the steps below:

1.  Download and install JXplorer on the CABI server. This will allow connection to the LDAP Server to verify if the LDAP configuration values are correct.

2.  When using JXplorer, you need to specify the following:

Port: LDAP port (ex: 389)
BASE DN= <Enter DN used in EEM>
PROTOCOL= <Select LDAP protocol> (ex: LDAPv3)
USER DN= Use the same specified in the EEM LDAP configuration. Remember to use the fully distinguished name when configuring the username. For example,
CN=name,OU=Role-Based,OU=North America,DC=ca,DC=com
Password: <password>

3.  Test the connection to determine if it is successful or not.  This will verify if the values given are correct or not. If not, modify the values until the LDAP connection is successful.

4.  Once the correct LDAP credentials are determines, continue with the EEM-LDAP integration.