CA SOI - Does the latest BMC Atrium/Remedy Connector version 5.4.0 support Remedy version 9.1?


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Does the latest BMC Atrium/Remedy  Connector version 5.4.0 support Remedy version 9.1? 

During installation of the connector, we provide the arapi jar files for Remedy 9.1 but the installer rejects them with the below error: 

Installer could not find the BMC API JAR files supported by this version of BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC Remedy Connector.

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Our BMC Connector Development Team, confirmed the BMC Connector v5.4.0 does support Remedy version 9.1. Here is the recommendations to resolve this issue: 

As per the below statement, when we upgrade, its required that we use the BMC Remedy AR System 8.1 JARs instead of 9.1. 

Example: If you are pointing BMC Remedy AR System 9.1 with BMC Remedy AR System 8.1 JARs, then copy the following JAR files to the computer where you want the connector. 

BMC Remedy AR System 8.1.00 JARs 
- arapi81_build001.jar 
- arapiext81_build001.jar 
- arutil81_build001.jar 

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