Custom Active Response re-compilation on Upgrade


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Having installed CA SSO 12.52 SP1 on Windows 2008 SP2 32 bits.
JVM used: 1.6.32 32 bits.

Planning to upgrade to CA SSO 12.8 on Windows 2012 64 bits.
JVM used: 1.8.x 64 bits

In the past, several Active Responses have been developped. They have
been working fine for 5 years on JDK 1.6 and about CA SSO 12.0 and
CA SSO 12.52 SP1. JDK 1.6 ( major 50 ) was in use.

Is a recompilation of the actual Custom Active Responses needed, in
order to run under CA SSO 12.8 Policy Server ?




Recompilation of the custom code with the new JVM is required, but
also to use the SDK 12.8 to insure that the functions that the custom
code will use to be at the exact level of the Policy Server one and
they are up to date (1).

Depending of the code in use, test it as is with the new Policy
Server. As java code is bit code and can be move from version, there
are chances that the former .jar files will still work fine with the
new JDK and Policy Server.

If from those tests report execution problems, then recompile with the
new JDK and SDK as per the ones that Policy Server runs.


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