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iXp GUI version mismatch error after upgrade


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CA Workload Automation Agents


After patching iXp Server with an upgrade fix, users are unable to open iXp GUI on their PC/Workstation using the Desktop shortcut. When trying to open iXp GUI, we get "Error:version mismatch:".

For example:

<Please see attached file for image>

iXp version mismatch error.


The "Error:version mismatch:11.3.5.<new version>:11.3.5.<old version>:" simply suggests that the Java Web Start has cached 11.3.5.<old version> version application but the iXp Server is now at 11.3.5.<new version>.



CA Workload Automation iXp 11.3.5 on all supported platforms.


To fix this, you need to clear the Java Web Start cache and relaunch iXp GUI.

Execute the following commands on the PC/Workstation you are launching iXp GUI from:

javaws -clearcache
javaws http://<ixp_server_host>:8080/ixp/iXp.jnlp

Additional Information

CA Workload Automation iXp 11.3.5 Release Notes.


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