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Can you filter on any other fields such as OBS in New UX Projects?


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Can you filter on any other fields such as OBS in the CA PPM New User Experience (UX)? In CA PPM 15.3 and lower, we only see Project Manager and Active Status as fields available to filter on.


The below fields are available to filter on starting in 15.4.

  • Team Member 
  • Project OBS 
  • Project Type 
  • Work Status 

Note: Access rights for the user determine which project tiles appear.​

See the Tips section of Filter the Project Tiles for more details on Project Filter capability including:

  • You can also enter a full or partial project name or ID in the search box. The Projects page displays the project tiles that match your search criteria.
  • Your filter selections continue to apply even after you log out, navigate to another page, or your session times out.

Additional Information

Reference CA PPM 15.4 Release Notes for more details on this change and other changes in CA PPM 15.4.