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How to create a drop down field in PPM with an image indicator


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This article will cover the steps to create a drop down field in PPM with an image that changes based on the value selected in the pull down.


Component: ODSTU


Step 1: Create a lookup with the values to be displayed in the drop down
  1. Go to Administration->Data Administration->Lookups and click New
  2. Enter a Lookup Name and Lookup ID and click 'Save and Continue'
  3. Click on the Values tab
  4. Click New and enter a Lookup Value Name and ID and click Save and Return (Repeat this step for each lookup value to be created)
Step 2: Create the attribute
  1. Go to Administration->Objects->Click on the Object Name (Example: Status Report)
  2. Click on the Attributes tab and click New
  3. Enter an Attribute Name and Attribute ID
  4. Change Data Type to Lookup (Now a Lookup Field will populate where you can select the lookup created in Step 1)
  5. Click the Browse icon next to Lookup
  6. Select the Lookup created in Step 1 and click Add
  7. Click Save (The Display Mappings section will now appear where you can set the color values for the drop down)
  8. Under Display Mappings, select a Value from the drop down for each lookup, and a color that you want to display for that value under the Color column
  9. Enter a description for the values in the Description section (Required)
  10. Click Save and Return
Step 3: Add the Attribute to the object view and change the display settings to make it a pull down with an image
  1. Click on the Views tab
  2. Next to General, click Layout: Edit
  3. Click the + icon to expand General
  4. Click the Properties icon next to the subpage you want to add the field to
  5. Move the attribute created in Step 2 to the desired column and click Save and Return
  6. Click Return to be taken back to the Views tab
  7. Click the Fields link next to General
  8. Click the Properties icon next to the attribute
  9. Change Display Type to 'Pull-Down', check the Image check box and then click Save and Return