Irregular backups for UIM baseline_engine.qos_message


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NIMSOFT PROBES CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems DX Infrastructure Management


The baseline_engine.BASELINE_CONFIG and baseline_engine.QOS_MESSAGE queues get backed up intermittently on a secondary hub
Note: A restart of the baseline_engine probe temporarily resolves the issue.


Download the baseline_engine2.77HF4 hot fix from the link found on the CA UIM Hotfix Index support site:

For a complete list of defects corrected with this hot fix, see the defect list in the baseline_engine_277_HF4.txt Readme link on this same page.


Probe versions:
**prediction_engine 1.34
**baseline_engine 2.76
**Hub 7.92HF10
**Controller/Robot 7.92HF11
Note: nas is not installed in this scenario


1. Import the to the Archive
2. Remove/Delete the baseline_engine and baseline_prediction probes
3. Manually delete the baseline_engine and baseline_prediction probe home folders
4. Redeploy prediction_engine 1.34, then do the same for baseline_engine 2.77HF4
5. Upgrade Hub/Robot from 7.92HF10 to 7.93