IBM UI44768/PI76141 for CTS 5.3
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IBM UI44768/PI76141 for CTS 5.3


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Please advise if any TSS rules/parameters need to be modified to prevent issues with this IBM maintenance.... ++HOLD(UI44768) SYSTEM FMID(HCI7000) REASON(ACTION) DATE(17048) COMMENT( This PTF alters the way passwords are verified and changed. For EXEC CICS SIGNON PASSWORD NEWPASSWORD and EXEC CICS SIGNON PHRASE NEWPHRASE only a single RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY call will be made to validate and change the password or phrase. The R_Password (IRRSPW00) service will no longer be used to ------------------------------------------------------------------ separately validate the password or phrase if the password is going to be changed.. This PTF also alters the use of installation data (requested by coding ESMEXITS=INSTLN in the SIT). Installation data will now always be passed to the ESM on; - the RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY call made to change a password. - the RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFYX call made during password verification (if using a passticket or if there was a password failure). Two new UXPPHASE values have been created to allow the ICHRIX01 exit program to identify these new cases. The new values are; - PASSWORD_CHANGE (x'90') - PASSWORD_VERIFICATION (x'91') If you use the ICHRIX01 exit as part of CICS security processing then you should review the exit to ensure it can handle the new cases where installation data is present.


Component: TSSMVS


We reviewed IBM UI44768/PI76141 and found no reported issues, questions or TSS required maintenance related to the IBM CTS 5.3 maintenance. Based on the description we would recommend sites that are running TSS r15 or r16 with CTS 5.3 apply IBM I44768/PI76141.