Upgrade v5 to v6: Production Files not upgraded in LINUX64/WINDOWS64


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In a Linux Red Hat with a 64bit architecture  where there is a version 5 node in mode upgrade, the upgrade fails in Step 3 as the Production data is not migrated.

|INFO | upgradeProductionFiles |Production Files have been upgraded in 0 min 1 s
|WARN | displayProgression |Updating objects : Job Run entries => 0/250 NOT COMPLETED
||WARN | displayProgression |Updating objects : Event entries => 0/70 NOT COMPLETED
|WARN | displayProgression |Updating objects : History Data entries => 0/3652 NOT COMPLETED 



Incompatibilty from v5 kit (32bit) and v6 kit (64bit).


Linux or Windows server with 64bit architecture


While upgrading a Dollar Universe 5 node, you need to install the 32bit kit to perform the upgrade.

Only after performing the Commit you can launch the upgrade to the 64bit version kit.

For example, to upgrade a Dollar Universe 5.x in Windows, use the v6 kit containing the name windows (Dollar.Universe_Application.Server_windows_6_9_01+build.528.zip or similar).

If you need to upgrade a Dollar Universe 6.x in Linux, use the v6 kit containing the name linux (Dollar.Universe_Application.Server_linux_6_9_01+build.528.zip or similar).

After you have succesfully upgraded and commited the v6 node, then you can use the windows64 or linux64 kit to upgrade Dollar Universe to a native 64bit version 


Additional Information

Autopatch is not allowed to change the bit architecture of a node (LINUX to LINUX64 or WINDOWS to WINDOWS64), you need to launch the kit manually from the server.