Work item is not send to default approver.
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Work item is not send to default approver.


Article ID: 103071


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


IM r14.1.0.

This is a policy based workflow for a modify user event.
The workflow process for the approval policy is the OOTB EscalationApproval.
The "Escalation Approver" section is set for a User ID.
The "Default Approver" section is set for a list of users belonging to an admin role.
The "Primary Approver" section is set with a custom participant resolver class which does not return users.
With this context the users in the "Default Approver" scope should receive the approval but they do not.


The prerequisite to get this issue is a system/email definition as "Workflow Pending" type for "escalation approval" event and
the recipient must be workflow approvers. (with one static address then no issue).


The root cause of this issue is a "Concurrency error";
ERROR [] (Worker_actionq#ActionQ1#WPDS_1) JBAS014134:
EJB Invocation failed on component WorkItemUpdatePvt_EJB for method public abstract
com.workpoint.server.pojo.WorkItemUpdatePvt.changeState(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,,short,int,int,java.lang.String,java.lang.String) throws com.workpoint.server.ejb.WorkPointEJBException:
com.workpoint.server.ejb.WorkPointEJBException: Concurrency error. Another user has updated this Job object since you selected it. Please re-select Job 51:WPDS and attempt this operation again.
 at com.workpoint.server.pojo.GenericServerBean.createException(Unknown Source) [iam_im_wpServer.jar:]
 at com.workpoint.server.pojo.GenericServerBean.createException(Unknown Source) [iam_im_wpServer.jar:]
 at com.workpoint.server.pojo.WorkItemUpdatePvtBean.changeState(Unknown Source) [iam_im_wpServer.jar:]


Hot Fix DE358742 verified on IM 14.1.0.CP3 and IM 14.1.0.CP4.
Delivered Files     ims.jar, imsapi6.jar, identitymanager.jar, user_console.jar, idmmanage.jar

Additional Information

Please contact CA Support if this Hot Fix is not yet included into a cumulative patch and you need it.