How to Change a CA View Database's MASTER Person
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How to Change a CA View Database's MASTER Person


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As there can be changes in company staffing, it may sometimes be necessary to change the ID of a View database's MASTER person.

Assigning someone as MASTER overrides any security otherwise on the database.


CA View - All releases


 . Run SARINIT, with only the NAME=... card, to see whose ID is in the MASTER=... parameter. 

 . To start a new database, the first person granted Master authority is done so by use of SARINIT MASTER=... (a person's User ID). 

 . To gain access to an existing database, run SARINIT MASTER=user_ID, for the person to have Master Authority.

   Note: If a change is made to the SARINIT MASTER=... parameter, a recycle of the SARSTC task does not need to be done, as the parameter will take immediate effect. 

 . Also, with the SARBCH program (in batch processing), someone can be given Master authority with use of control card: 

     /DEFUSER USER=xxxxxxxx MASTER=Y


 . Once the new Master person is established, they can issue Command "DEF USER", at a View Primary panel, to be taken to the User Definition panel.

 . In the User Definitions, in the "M" column, the Master person can assign Master authority to anyone else, by assigning a designation of "Y" (default, "N").