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Download Artifact from GIT


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When using Artifact Management to download artifact from GIT, what has to go into following fields

Repository URL -  Can the repository URL be https (I believe it is https always, not sure)?  If yes , how does it's implement key or certificate , if needed?
Branch -  If I use master, how I fill it
Full Executable Path - does it mean full path to download? Some detail should help, is it the git.exe path?
File from repository  - How does it fill? can it be folder



Component: RAROC


** Repository URL is generally like this - 
If you have a key or certificate, you may have to include that in the Repository URL and does not have to fill username and password.'rs/ 

** Branch is generally not master, but if it is master, you should be able to specify 'master'. 

** Full Executable path is the location from where the actual download will happen. 

** File from Repository is the file that you are tying to pull and cannot be a folder.