no records in MYSQL dataase
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no records in MYSQL dataase


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How to check MYSQL connection to write records in History file on a Linux system?


Component: XCLX86


First perform a loopback transfer with XTRACE=10 and look for the SQLConnection for user =root as follows:

sqlutil 5759: About to SQLConnect user = root. 
sqlutil 5761: Time at start of SQLConnect=1529503148 
sqlutil 5767: SQLConnect rc = 0, time = 1529503148 
sqlutil 5782: SQLAllocHandle rc = 0 
sqlutil 5786: SQLExecDirect rc = 0 
sqlutil 5798: Transfer record inserted into the database successfully. 

Second ran a test within the GUI. Therefore login as root and goto directory /opt/CA/XCOM/bin and enter command
To test your connection to the database use the TEST button to see if they have a connection to the database. The test button is in the Global Parameters in the History section.