When publishing the Gantt autoschedule, you get a system error if a process with the task primary object and associated parent object is active on the system


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a process with a primary object task
2. Add a linked object being parent 
3. Add any auto-start condition on update like:
   ( ( Task ID = 'mytask' ) and ( Task Finish != Task Finish [Previous Value] ) )  
4. On the Start Step tab link it to finish and validate it.
   We just need an active process with a link between task and parent object 
5. Create a project or edit an existing one
6. Go to the tasks tab and create at least one task
7. Open the project in Gantt
8. Click on autoschedule icon
9. When prompted for publishing the tentative schedule, click on publishing

Expected result: The project autoschedule to succeed
Actual result: You get an error: "System error. Contact system administrator."  


This is caused by DE42042


Clarity PPM 15.4


This is fixed within Clarity PPM 15.5

Workaround in 15.4: Set the process that causes the failure on draft mode