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Harvester 9.3.8 Upgrade Migrator Error: Frame 152


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Migrator failing with error "MigratorException: Movie playback failed", while upgrading harvester 9.3.3 to 9.3.8 

INFO Projector::play() - Frame #152: [SqlAction database=poller port=3308 sql='DROP DATABASE POLLER'] 
FATAL TheSet::play() - Error playing back movie Movie playback failed. 


Extra files on the <installdir\mysql\data\poller> will prevent the Poller database from dropping


NFA 9.3.8
Windows 2012R2


1. RDP to the Harvester server that failed
2. Navigate to <installdir\mysql\data\poller>
3. Delete all files/folders in the folder.
4. Open a cmd prompt in the <installdir\Migrator> directory and run the runMigrator.vbs script via CMD prompt as an Administrator.
5. Wait a few minutes and check the <installdir\Migrator\migrator.log> file to see if it finished with "Exiting with code 0.
    If you see this, you have completed the migrator task and you should be able to start all CA and Netqos services.