What are the steps to upgrade to CA IPC 15.1?


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I want to upgrade from CA IPC 14.0 to 15.1. What are the steps required to do this?


Release: IPC...00200-15.1-IPC


Perform the following steps to upgrade from CA IPC 14.0 to 15.1: 

  1. Install the product using CA CSM or from the Pax ESD file. For a Pax install, the following SAMPJCL jobs need to be run: 

    • IPC1HOLD

    • IPC2ALL

    • IPC3CSI

    • IPC4RECD

    • IPC5APP

    • IPC6ACC

  2. Run the customization phase jobs in the INSTJCL library:

    • Job VQCUS00 - Copy the JCL from Target to INSTJCL Library 

    • Job VQCUS01 - Prepare Product Custom Assemblies 

    • Job VQCUS02 - Add JCL Library Members 

  3. Run  the upgrade installation phase INSTJCL job VQUPG01.

  4. Perform the post-installation steps:

    • Add the IPC 15.1 CUSLIB and CAVQLOAD libraries to the CICS DFHRPL concatenation.

    • Run INSTJCL job VQCICS to modify the CICS tables and CSD definitions.

    • Run the IPCV verification.

Additional Information

See DocOps sections Installing Your Product Using CA CSMInstalling Your Product Using Pax ESD and Customization and Postinstallation Steps for CA IPC.

Also see the README for CA IPC 15.1.

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