Steps required to upgrade from IPC 14.0 to 15.1
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Steps required to upgrade from IPC 14.0 to 15.1


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 We want to upgrade from IPC 14.0 to 15.1. What are the steps required to do this?


Release: 15.1
Component: IPC


Perform the following steps to upgrade from IPC 14.0 to 15.1: 

  1. Before starting the upgrade refer to z/OS New Install/Upgrade section in the README for IPC 15.1. The 15.1 upgrade process creates a new ADROUT but does not copy the contents of the previous release ADROUT. Also the PSS and SCF options are reset to default values. There are steps required before you upgrade to copy existing options and PSS destinations. Also see Article 214550 - After upgrade to IPC 15.1 PSS output destinations missing.
  2. Install the product using Install Products Using z/OSMF or Install Products Using SMP/E JCL. For an install from the Pax file using SMP/E JCL, the following SAMPJCL jobs need to be run: 

    • IPC1HOLD

    • IPC2ALL

    • IPC3CSI

    • IPC4RECD 

    • IPC5APP

    • IPC6ACC

  3. Run the Customization Phase jobs in the INSTJCL library:

    • Job VQCUS00 - Copy the JCL from Target to INSTJCL Library

    • Job VQCUS01 - Prepare Product Custom Assemblies 

    • Job VQCUS02 - Add JCL Library Members 

  4. Run  the Upgrade Installation Phase INSTJCL job VQUPG01.

  5. Perform the Post-installation Phase:
    • Add the IPC 15.1 CUSLIB and CAVQLOAD libraries to the CICS DFHRPL concatenation.

    • Run INSTJCL job VQCICS to modify the CICS tables and CSD definitions.

    • Run the IPCV verification.

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