What are the steps to upgrade to CA Ideal 15.1?
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What are the steps to upgrade to CA Ideal 15.1?


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I want to upgrade from CA Ideal 14.0 to 15.1. What are the steps required to do this?


Release: IDEAL.00200-15.1-Ideal-for CA-Datacom


Perform the following steps to upgrade from CA Ideal 14.0 to 15.1: 

  1. Install the product using CA CSM or from the Pax ESD file.For a Pax install, the following SAMPJCL jobs need to be run: 

    • IDL1HOLD

    • IDL2ALL

    • IDL3CSI

    • IDL4RECD

    • IDL5APP

    • IDL6ACC

  2. Perform the customization steps for all installations. Run INSTJCL  job ILCUS00 only. Jobs ILCUS01 and ILCUS02 are optional for upgrades (see next step). 

  3. Perform the steps to upgrade CA Ideal from 14.0 to 15.x steps:

    • Review and reset options 

    • Run INSTJCL job ILCUS03 ( jobs ILCUS01 and ILCUS02 are optional for upgrades) 

  4. Perform the CICS modifications in the post-installation phase steps: 

    • Add the IDEAL 15.1 CUSLIB and CAILLOAD libraries to the CICS DFHRPL concatenation.

    • Run INSTJCL job ILCICS to modify the CICS tables and CSD definitions.

Additional Information

See DocOps sections Installing Your Product Using CA CSMInstalling Your Product Using Pax ESD and Customization and Postinstallation Steps for CA Ideal for CA Datacom.

Also see the README for CA Ideal 15.1.

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