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About password policy initialization


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


In CR7. 

Set Password Policies. 
Home ›Dashboard ›Site Settings ›Password Policies 

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Apply CR8. 

After that "General Policies" of Password policy setting cleared. 

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It seems it is a bug of CR8. 
The customer wants a fix for the problem.


It is a bug of CR8.
It is the CR8 patch is incorrectly reverting the password policy validation rules file back to a default state


API Portal 3.5 CR8


01. login CMS by admin user.
02. Go to Content Items -> / SYSTEM / conf / sitebuilder / packages / layer7 / modules / DeveloperRegistration / xml_template.
03. Open the Property popup window of validation.xml.
04. Go to the Version tab and use the Difference button to find the latest good version.
05. revert to that version and re-publish the file

Also, the bug is scheduled to be addressed in CR 9


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