Log-to-Process Mapping for SystemEDGE is not working
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Log-to-Process Mapping for SystemEDGE is not working


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Log Monitor alarm is asserted on the systemEDGE host model instead of on the ProcMonSysEDGE model. 

CA Spectrum is not generating the event on the process model that a parsed log file entry refers. It is being generated on the host model.

First was enabled the option of creating the SystemEDGE Process Models by adding the following entry in the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file: 


This is covered in this CA Spectrum guide: 


-Creation of SystemEDGE Process Models 

Then mapped the monitored log file to a monitored process. 

This is covered in this CA Spectrum guide: 


- Log-to-Process Mapping 

- Specify a Mapping for RFC 2790 Agents and SystemEDGE Hosts 


CA Spectrum 10.2.x and CA SystemEDGE 5.9



The Process Name (calc) configured in the "Monitored Process Log File Mappings" subview do not match with Model_Name (0x1006e) attribute value of ProcMonSysEDGE application model.




The workaround is changing the Model_Name (0x1006e) attribute value from "Monitor Calculator process" to "calc" to match with the Monitored Process Log File Mappings setting.

Another workaround is changing the Process Name value from "calc" to "Monitor Calculator process" to match with the Process Monitor Description field

Note: Use the UNIX path in the Log File Name field