Unable to see SQL Server instance (Metrics) in USM after configuring the sqlserver probe


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Customer was unable to display/observe SQL Server instance (Metrics) in Unified Service Manger after configuring the sqlserver probe.


Customer informed me that somehow log backup was disabled, and the sql server log filled up. That's when they started noticing the problem with no SQL Database metrics in the Metrics Tab within USM for the sqlserver probe.

Potential cause: The probe cannot create .MET files in the robot's niscache folder where the probe is deployed. This results in the QoS data not being inserted into the database and the data is not visible in USM.


- UIM 8.5.1 SP1
- sqlserver 5.30
- Windows Authentication for the sqlserver DB connections


a. Select Raw Configure-> setup
b. Set the value of the flag_reverttoself option to yes
c. Apply the change, then cold start (Deactivate, then Activate) the sqlserver probe
d. Deactivate the robot where the sqlserver probe is deployed and clear the niscache
e. Then Activate the robot.

In a few minutes SQL Server Database metrics show up in USM now under the Metrics Tab,e.g., Database-> MSSQL-> UIM DB-> <DB instances>

<Please see attached file for image>

sqlserver database metrics tab in USM


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