Idea dependent based lookup attributes are lost when converted to project


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During the idea to project conversion, all the fields are copied except one which is a parameterized lookup. You do not get any errors. If you click the convert button, it takes you to the "Select Investment Type" page.  When you choose Project, it displays the create layout of the Project with the values copied. This is where you expect the parameterized lookup field to get copied as well but it doesn't.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Clarity, create a static dependent lookup (example -> city region) (create levels and respective values)
  2. Create a dynamic query based lookup (example -> test_meta_domain), referencing the above-created static dependent lookup
  3. Create an attribute (example -> City_dynamic_ref_stat) on the Investment Object, associated to the dynamic lookup as created in step 2. Hence, the investment object’s attribute is referencing the static dependent lookup (step 1), through the dynamic query-based lookup (step 2)
  4. Create a dynamic dependent lookup (for example -> final_depen), which will look into the level 2, of the static dependent lookup, as created on step 1
  5. Create an attribute on the investment object, which is associated to the dynamic dependent lookup, created on step 4.
  6. Associate the parameter parent, with the investment’s object attribute created on step 3
  7. Configure the investment attribute, created on steps 3 and 5, on the Idea object’s create / edit view.
  8. Also, include the same attributes on project object’s create / edit view
  9. Create an Idea.
  10. In the investment, populate the Static Dependent Lookup based attribute and accordingly, select the populated value for the Level 2 based attribute.
  11. Save, approve the Idea, and convert it into a project

Expected Result: Post Idea conversion into project, the Level 2 based Attribute should be retaining the value set in the Idea 

Actual Result: Post conversion to project, the Level 2 based Attribute is blank and the set value at Idea stage is lost






Resolved in 15.3