DE: General Housekeeping Proper Removal of Decommissioned Agents
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DE: General Housekeeping Proper Removal of Decommissioned Agents


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


This procedure will explain the process for the proper removal of an agent from the DE scheduling environment.


Any OS


When it has been determined that an agent is no longer needed in the Workload Automation DE environment, it should be removed entirely from the configuration. To accomplish this in an effective and efficient manner, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down the agent services on the identified agent server that is to be removed from the environment.
  2. Uninstall the agent software application from the server. On Windows, this can be accomplished through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. On Unix, you can navigate to the UninstallData path in the agent installation directory (typically /opt/CA/WA_Agent/UninstallData if you chose the default value during the installation) and execute the uninstall script called Uninstall WA Agent. You will need to enclose the script in double quotes in order to execute it. ["Uninstall WA Agent"]. Respond accordingly to any of the prompts that follow to remove the agent.
  3. Once the agent software has been removed, delete any job definitions in the scheduler that may be defined to run on the agent that is no longer needed.
  4. Now, delete the machine definition from the scheduler.

Note: If you leave the agent software in place on the agent and for whatever reason, someone or some automated process restarts the agent, it will continuously make attempts to contact the scheduler. This is unnecessary traffic that could eventually lead to a negative impact on scheduler performance. The same can be said for job definitions. If  jobs try to kick off against an agent that no longer exists, the job will go into a SUBERROR state with a status of "The specified Agent SOME_AGT does not exist in the topology." This will continue to occur and could have a negative impact on performance and system availability if the jobs begin to build up in the system.