After CA-View 12.2 upgrade CYCLE column information on "Sysout Selection List" not populated
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After CA-View 12.2 upgrade CYCLE column information on "Sysout Selection List" not populated


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After upgrading CA-View  from r12.0 to r12.2, the information normally shown in the CYCLE column of our custom "Sysout Selection List" screen is no longer being shown. Instead of having a cycle value, the field is blank.  not shown (see file attached). - Sample from screen print:

CA View SARO -------------- Sysout Selection List 
Command ===> 

Sel  ID                    CYCLE    Jobid          Arch Date   Time   Loc    Lines Pages 
==> REPORTID1                   JOB21722 06/08/2018 15:49  DISK      60          1
==> REPORTID2                   JOB21733 06/08/2018 16:49  DISK      60          1
==> REPORTID3                   JOB21744 06/08/2018 17:49  DISK      60          1





By default, CA View does not provide a PANEL that would show a CYCLE column like yours does. The fact that in r12.0 yours does, it would indicate that you ARE using a user modified CUSTOM panel to display your sysout selection list. It also indicates that you are likely using a user modified CUSTOM EXIT (SARSPFUX or SARSRQUX) to populate the CYCLE field on this panel. 

To determine if your customer is using user modified panels and/or exits, you are going to have to COMPARE the members in your r12.0 libraries against the default members in the r12.2 libraries to see if there are differences in the members and what those differences are. 

1. The first thing you should do is while you are on the SYSOUT SELECTION LIST panel that shows your CYCLE column, issue a "HELP PANEL" command to identify the specific panel id that you have loaded. Your screen print shows you are in mode SARO so I suspect the result of your help panel command will look very similar to the following: 

CA View SARO -------------- Sysout Selection List -------------- SARP2S1/SARRP2 

From the above display, the PANEL ID is located in the first field over on the right as "SARP2S1". 

2. You indicated that you did NOT perform an OLOAD as part of your upgrade. If you did, then a logical explanation for having the problem would be that you over laid your user modified custom panel. Now that you have the PANEL ID from item 1 above, to see what is O-LOADED to the database, logon to VIEW and from the primary option panel command line issue command: 


The resulting command will show you the loaded panels, scroll through and locate the specific PANEL ID that you are using. Note the "Last Modified Date" for this panel, then tab down next to it and select it. Make a note of the DATE and capture a screen print of the panel code after selecting that panel. 

3. Relevant to identifying a user customized panel, now that you have the PANEL ID, you need to compare the member in the r12.0 hlq.CVDEPENU library against the same member in the r12.2 hlq.CVDEPENU library and identify any differences. When compared against the screen print of the DISP O panel above, does the screen print reflect these same differences? 

4. Relevant to identifying a user customized exit, you again need to compare the exit source members for SARSPFUX or SARSRQUX in the r12.0 hlq.CVDESRC library against the same member in the r12.2 hlq.CVDESRC library and identify any differences. Our supplied source for these exits do not have ANY references to a "CYCLE" field. Do you find any references to a "CYCLE" field in any of your 12.0 exit source? 

- Hopefully, using the above information, you will be able to identify any user modified custom PANELS and get them OLOADed to your 12.2 database. 

- If you find any user modified EXITS, you will need to make the same changes to the r12.2 source for these exits and get them assembled/linked into your 12.2 load library.


Client was able to identify that they have four user modified exits including SARSPFUX or SARSRQUX and one panel customized.

After re-linking those exits, the problem was solved. 

Additional Information

SARSPFUX Selection List Formatting Exit - SARSPFUX formats the SYSOUT selection list for online retrieval. 

SARSRQUX Selection Request Exit - SARSRQUX examines each selection code entered on the SYSOUT selection list, or the Data Set List.