How to reset a trigger without restarting Process Automation?
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How to reset a trigger without restarting Process Automation?


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CA Process Automation Base


Trigger attempts 6 connections and fails 6 times due to networking, once the networking issue is resolved the triggers do not resume.

In the c2o.log file we see the following: ERROR [com.optinuity.c2o.wsd.trigger.smtp.SMTPMailClientService] [ service thread] Connection to mail server failed 6 time, polling mail server is stopped. Update trigger properties after fixing the problem to resume trigger functionality

The networking issue that caused this was resolved, how can we reset the trigger to retry the connection? 


Release: 4.3.x and 4.4.x
Component: ITPAM


As per the error, Process Automation is assuming after 6 attempts that the information in the trigger configuration is not correct and it stops and throws the error asking for the settings to be updated with the correct details. 

In the event where the configuration is correct, but something interrupted the networking between the Orchestator and the Mail server temporarily, resetting the triggers is a little kludgey and will require you to modify the trigger settings to cause the trigger to reset and retry.

1. Modify the trigger settings with some junk data, for example, set the port to an incorrect Port;
2 .Save that slightly incorrect configuration;
3. Modify the value back to the original correct value;
4. Save the corrected trigger configuration.

The trigger will be reset and will attempt to make the connection again.

If you would like it to make more than 6 attempts you can add the following to the \pam\server\c2o\.config\ file:


This setting does not exist and has to be added to the file.

The default value is 6. Each check is made 30 seconds apart.

For example, setting "pam.trigger.imap.connection.retry.count=30" would give the networking issues 15 minutes to be resolved before finally giving up.

This should not cause any significant impact other that continuously writing the failures to the log file.

Please note: Adding this setting will require the Orchestator to be restarted and should be added to all nodes of a cluster.