how to automate the installation of JVMmetric assertions to CA APIGW v9.3 in AWS


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


currently user has to do the following manually but they want to be able to automate the below.
find /opt/SecureSpan -name "*c3p0*.jar" 

Steps to install JVMmetric assertions 
Note for prior to v9.0 see vendor doc 
1. PM >Tasks> Extension and Add-ons > Manage Server Modules Files 
2. upload the JvmMetricsAssertion-[version].sjar and name it "JVM Metrics" (without the quotes) 
3. service ssg restart 
4. PM >Assertions >search: JV, you should now be able to see 'Get JVm Metrics' assertions available for use


ENV: Gateway 9.3


SMFs should be importable with RESTman (see reference in FAQ):

User needs to post a server module file as a restman payload.
Please have them consult the restman docs at /restman/1.0/doc/restDoc.html#1.0/serverModuleFiles
They could upload the JVM Metrics assertion to one machine, then export the server module file with restman, then use the entity in that payload to automate installation on other machines.
This is fixed via auto-provisioning bundle