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After Refreshing PPM Data From Prod to Test the Agile Central Sync Job Fails


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The CA Agile Central sync job is failing after refreshing the data from Prod to our Test environment.  In the logs we see the following messages:

ERROR 2018-06-20 08:21:54,997 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization-06202018-1 : [email protected] (tenant=clarity)] client.RallyContext (clarity:[email protected]:57301203__76E95069-42B6-437F-BAB8-6B733CCDC1C3:Rally Synchronization-06202018-1) Problem while retrieving Agile Central integration details, no details found for id:DFS_PPM_TO_AC 

ERROR 2018-06-20 08:21:54,997 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization-06202018-1 : [email protected] (tenant=clarity)] ppm.rally (clarity:[email protected]:57301203__76E95069-42B6-437F-BAB8-6B733CCDC1C3:Rally Synchronization-06202018-1) Either Context or Connection is not set properly, Check integration Setting [email protected] 

ERROR 2018-06-20 08:21:54,997 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization-06202018-1 : PPMSERVER (tenant=clarity)] ppm.rally (clarity:[email protected]:57301203__76E95069-42B6-437F-BAB8-6B733CCDC1C3:Rally Synchronization-06202018-1) Error occurred while populateWorkspaceHierarchy. request= Rally API Error : RestAPI Connection is not set properly in Context 

ERROR 2018-06-20 08:21:55,005 [Dispatch Rally Synchronization-06202018-1 : [email protected] (tenant=clarity)] ppm.agl (clarity:[email protected]:57301203__76E95069-42B6-437F-BAB8-6B733CCDC1C3:Rally Synchronization-06202018-1) Error while syncing projects 


This issue is caused by the CA Agile Central Integration settings being wiped out by the data refresh from prod to test.  


CA PPM 15.x and above


Reconfigure the integration again following the steps here:

NOTE: After reconfiguring the integration, you must recycle the BG service.  For SAAS customers, please open a support case requesting for the BG service to be recycled on the environment.  Be sure to specify the environment URL as well as a time frame for when you would like the recycle to occur.