Restrict access to TCP/IP port


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We would like to grant to only a well known range of IP address access to TCPIP PORT 


Component: TSSMVS


TCP/IP uses the SERVAUTH resource class to protect TCP/IP 
resources from unauthorized access. There are 4 functions protected by the 
SERVAUTH class. They are: 

Stack Access - control which users can get access to the TCP/IP stack. 
Resource name: EZB.STACKACCESS.sysname.tcpipid 

Net Access - control which users can access individual networks. 
Resource name: EZB.NETACCESS.sysname.tcpipid.netname 

Port Access - control which users can use TCP and UDP ports. 
Resource name: EZB.PORTACCESS.sysname.tcpipid.portname 

TN3270 - control which users can use the secured ports. 
Resource name: EZB.TN3270.sysname.tcpipid.PORTnnnn 

where: sysname is the name of the system 
tcpipid is the name of the of the TCP/IP started task 
netname is the network name in PROFILE.TCPIP 
portname is the port name in PROFILE.TCPIP 
nnnnn is the port number with leading zero's