Obtaining Information about the Schedule of Events ($QS)
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Obtaining Information about the Schedule of Events ($QS)


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VM:Backup for z/VM VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


Obtaining Information about the Schedule of Events ($QS)


Release: VMBKUH00400-2.8-VM:Backup-HiDRO (VM:Backup HiDRO)


The QUERY SCHEDULE Monitor command will send you today’s schedule of HiDRO events (including backups) as a series of one-line messages. Each message will show an event which has run, or will run today.

A QUERY SCHEDULE Monitor command is shown below:


Below is an example of the response from the QUERY SCHEDULE Monitor command:

CONDENSE  08/06/14 06:00:00 06:00:00 RC=0
FORMATQ   08/06/14 07:00:00 07:00:35 RC=0
HOLD      08/06/14 09:00:00 09:00:11 RC=0
RELSE     08/06/14 19:00:00 ,
DAILY     08/06/14 18:31:00 ,
SYBMON: MON199 Request completed.

For each event, the following items of information will be displayed:

  • The event name
  • The date and time the event was scheduled to run

If the event has not yet run, the line will end with a comma. If the event has run, the display will include:

  • The time the event actually ran
  • A return code, indicating whether the event ran successfully

The example above shows that the CONDENSE event ran successfully at 6 AM on August 6th. The FORMATQ event ran successfully at 7:00 AM. The user job queue was then put on HOLD at 9:00 AM, and will not be RELEASED until 7:00 PM. The DAILY Incremental backup is scheduled to run at 6:31 PM.

Additional Information

More information about Interacting with HiDRO's Event Scheduling Facility can be found in the Operators reference at: