How to display the API messages in EINE
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How to display the API messages in EINE


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While testing backout notification get the following pop-up message:
| WARNING! Element ATT1 is part of a package and has been         |
| backed out. See message C1G0258W in the API message information |
| (PF12) after returning to the Element selection list or action  |
| entry screen.                                                   |

This would have shown package name (backed out from) in regular Endevor.
How can I see the what package the element is in? 


Component: SCMMNI


1. After the action has been performed, press PF12 to get the Action Request Summary window.
2. Enter an 's' next to the Element Action with the error to display the API messages
3. Press PF9 to go to the bottom and PF11 to shift right to see the name of the package