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Query on access to JOBTRAC using RACF security instead of TRACAUTH


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Is there a way to  secure access to JOBTRAC using RACF security instead of TRACAUTH?


Component: JOBTRC


CA Jobtrac Job Management uses the following methods to secure its use:
--TRACAUTH table
--TRACX26 user exit

You use only one of the methods for security.  Regardless of the method you use, the TRACAUTH table is still used to do the following:
-- Specify a name for a location (optional).
-- Specify which users are notified of abends and error conditions. 

For external security Jobtrac has a sample exit TRACX26.   This exit is called by the Jobtrac  ISPF dialog and by @JOBTRAC to 
verify a user's authority to view, update, add, delete, or purge Jobtrac information. 
You can control access to the following areas using the TRACX26 exit: 
--Holiday and cyclic calendars 
--Global options 
--Online table services 
--CA Jobtrac  captured sysout 
A sample of this exit is in your SAMPJCL library as member TRACX26. The sample exit TRACX26 has sample RACF definitions that can
be used as a guideline for setting up the external security.   Chapter 6 in the Reports, Maintenance, and Recovery Guide documents
information on users exits.
As always, contact CA Technologies support for CA Jobtrac Job Management if your have further questions.