Agile Central - API: Adding a new value to a dropdown field
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Agile Central - API: Adding a new value to a dropdown field


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This article shows how to add a new value for a custom dropdown list that can be either a multi-select or single dropdown, using the WSAPI.

In this example, we will add a value a field called Agile Team on the User entity.


Component: ACAPI


The first step is to identify the workspace Object ID that the entity type exists in. 

Open a browser and paste the following URL identify the Object ID of the workspace:<OBJECT_ID>

Next, it is necessary to get the _ref value from the User Type Definition object.  Use the following link, changing the <WorkspaceOID> to match yours.  If you're using a different entity type such as Defect, replace User with that entity type.<WorkspaceOID>&query=( Name = "User" )

The _ref link you are looking for will resemble the following:<OBJECT_OID>/Attributes

Copy that link and add a pagesize to the end so that it looke like the following:<OBJECT_OID>/Attributes?pagesize=2000

On this page, look for Department and get the _ref to the AttributeDefinition.  That link will look like this:<OBJECT_OID>

Now you are ready to use a REST API client to craft your request
    "AllowedAttributeValue": {
        "AttributeDefinition": "<OBJECT_OID>",
        "StringValue": "Whirling Dervishes",
        "ValueIndex": "6"