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Since upgrading to CCS 14.1, the SECURITY RESET command does not appear to have any effect on permissions.

Since dynamic changes are rare, I didn't notice right away.

In the Change Resource Translation Table section of Administrating doc-ops, it states that the CAS9 CAIRACF DD needs to have entries such as 'RACFCLASS DTTABLE,[email protected],FASTAUTH=NO,CICS=YES' .

However, the docs from CCS states 'Fast RACHECK is used with a CICS application. CICS=YES implies FASTAUTH=YES' which seems to contradict the DB docs.

Also, the 15.1 docs state a sample is in CAI.SHLQ.CABDSAMP(CAS9SAFC), but I didn't find that member in either the 15.1 or 15.0 libraries.
he member is in the 14.0 library, but has the format 'RACFCLASS DTTABLE,[email protected],FASTAUTH=NO,CICS=NO'.

Can I get clarification on how these statements are to be coded? 


Documentation in error,and  being corrected..


z/os, CA Datacom/DB 15.x using RACF


CAS9SAFC parameters: FASTAUTH=NO,CICS=NO should be used (Instead of FASTAUTH=NO,CICS=YES).

CABDSAMP(CAS9SAFC) is correct. 

Additional Information

Above link should now display the correct information and be matching CABDSAMP(CAS9SAFC).