DeviceID persistence on mobile device
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DeviceID persistence on mobile device


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Could you please provide some information on persistence of DeviceID on mobile devices (Android and IOS). Especially whether the user is able to delete the DID, e.g. by clearing application data in phone settings. We could not find this information in the product documentation.


Component: RSKFRT


DeviceID persistence in Android:
  • It depends on how the application is implemented using CA DDNA SDK.
  • DDNA SDK for Android only provides the interface to store/delete the Device ID.
  • The functionality for the same has to be written accordingly.

DeviceID persistence in iOS:

  • DeviceID in iOS is stored as key-value pair in NSUserDefault.
  • They can be deleted accordingly. It depends on the way Storage functionality is written by using the SDK.
  • SDK only provides the interface to write Storage functionality.
  • The way the storage is written by the customer will determine how the end user deletes it.