Adminconsole not showing data for oracle probe


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The probe oracle, from the admin console does not show any data. We can see the data from the IM. The probe PPM had errors, we restarted it and after that, the oracle probe shows the data. Some time later, the errors came back inside the log and the data disappeared again. 

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This can happen from a corrupted oracle.cfg file under:



UIM 8.51
oracle probe version 5.00


Backup the "/opt/nimsoft/probes/database/oracle.cfg" file.
Take screenshots of the oracle configuration.
The screenshots and oracle.cfg file can be used as a reference to rebuild the connections and profiles.
Deactivate the oracle probe.
Delete the oracle probe.
Download oracle probe version 5.30 or later.
Deploy the oracle 5.30 probe. 
Re-create the Connections and Profiles.
Validate by using the web Admin Console to confirm you can 


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