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How to control user access to Spectrum based alarms appearing in CA Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CA Performance Center now has an Alarm Console Dashboard to display Spectrum Alarms. 

How can we control user access to the Alarms appearing in CA Performance Management from CA Spectrum to match the controls in place in CA Spectrum?

In CA Performance Management releases r3.2 and earlier there was no concern for this due to no Spectrum Alarms appearing in CA Performance Management. Beginning with the r3.5 and newer releases there is now a new Dashboard that exposes CA Spectrum Alarms that are synchronized to CA Performance Management when the two are integrated together.

This can introduce a need to reconfigure users element access in CA Performance Management so their CA Spectrum Alarm access matches what is available to the same user in CA Spectrum.


CA Performance Management releases r3.5 and newer


Once the Groups are already configured there is unfortunately at this time no way to move them within the hierarchy via a Copy or Move function.

The Groups will need to be recreated as new Groups that effectively copy the old ones in the new desired location in the hierarchy.

This will result in the same groups that have new IDs to represent them behind the scenes in the database. This will 'break' any Dashboard or individual View Report Chart that the Group is locked to. Edit these to reference the new group to fix the reports.

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