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Web Viewer 12.1 not using PRSET information


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We have a few reports that print properly on our Xerox printer but are misaligned when viewed from the Web Viewer using CA Spool transformers.

We found that this select group of reports have a PRSET member specified and that member includes an ASSIGN(01,04) and the report DJDE doesn't have any assign for channel 1. The ASSIGN in the PRSET allows the reports to print properly aligned on the Xerox printer.

Web Viewer doesn't apply the DJDE from the PRSET and therefore these reports don't align properly. 


Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


Web Viewer cannot apply the PRSET because it is not available for it to use because the DRAS View agents do not currently support DLVR PRSET members. An enhancement request for this for the View agent code is already open and is in the backlog.

A workaround is to have individual filename.d2eproj project configuration files for reports needing PRSET setup, and then use the Metacode parser PreloadJSLList parameter to have a list of JSLs loaded before parsing of the input file begins.

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