ETC (Cost)/Allocation does not seem to update by itself
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ETC (Cost)/Allocation does not seem to update by itself


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When the resource changes their ETC or Allocation, the ETC (Cost) and/or Allocation does not seem to change even after the rate matrix job runs. How is this field normally calculated in PPM?


Component: PPMFNM


The additional action that needs to be run is Update Cost Totals on the project (or the Update Earned Value and Cost Totals job) . 

Option 1: To run Update Cost totals from a project:
  1. Go to the Team or Tasks tab
  2. From the Actions drop down on the right hand side, select 'Update Cost Totals'.

Option 2: The job Update Earned Value and Cost Total can also be run via Home->Reports and Jobs

When no specific Investment for the job is selected, it processes all the active investments will skip inactive investments.  However, the job parameters for selecting one investment do allow you to select an inactive investment and it will run for the selected investment and update the costs. Also, invoking the job from the inactive investment, Team, [Actions] 'Update Cost Totals' link will update the costs for that inactive investment. 

Additional Information

For more details on the Update Cost Totals job, see  Update Project Task Cost Totals in the Calculate Earned Value, EAC, ETC, and Other Metrics documentation.