Is there out of the box SDM Jasper reports available in languages other then English?


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After installing JasperReports Server and loading the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) out of the box reports available in the media, even if you change the locale at the Jasper login page, the SDM Jasper reports title and reports content still appears in English language.

You can change the Jasper Server language indeed, by changing the locale at the login page by expanding the option "Show locale & time zone", then selecting the desired language:

In the example, the "pt_BR - português (Brasil)" was selected, and then words are appearing localized (Portuguese):

However, reports content still appears in English (title and content):

Is it possible to have the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Jasper reports localized, so their title and content appear in other languages other then English?


Jasper Reports Server 6.3.0 / 6.4.2
CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 / 17.x


The jasper reports that we ship out of the box, report names & report titles were not localized. They were built for English language only. This would be the case for 17.1, 17.0 and older release where CABI Jaspersoft based reports are shipped.

In the upcoming releases, where we are building domains for operational reporting, out of the box content would also be localized.

With respect to documentation, if respective language bundles are checked in, then based on the language selection, localized names would be displayed. But the out of the box report names & report titles would not.

In case you need the SDM reports localized, you would need to edit them using Jasper Studio tool.

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