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Getting 'SQL server is not available' error during SOI upgrade from 3.3 to 4.2


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


When upgrading from SOI 3.3 CUM2 (ArcServe DR) to SOI 4.2, getting an error "Database Error - SQL server is not available"

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Cause 1:
Following errors may found in "%TEMP%\CA-SOI_InstallDebug.log"
File D:\CA\SOI\resources\Configurations\SSA_IFW_HostName.xml not found -- Check for remote!
Loading IFW configuration from

From above exception, it complains that "samuser" password in \ is incorrect

Cause 2:
Following errors may found in "%TEMP%\CA-SOI_InstallDebug.log" getProperties
SEVERE: Decrypting EEM password: null

This indicating problem with EEM user password in \SOI\tomcat\custom or \SOI\tomcat\webapps\sam folder


SOI 3.3 CUM2
SOI Manager & UI running on separate Windows Machines
SQL 2012 with SAMStore DB is running on remote server


Solution for Cause 1:
1) From above log, the problem is with "samuser" password and it is incorrect, hence it is unable to parse this file. So, we need generate a new encrypted password using "EncryptSAMCreds.bat" and updated in both \SOI\resources\configurations\ and "" files 

Ex: EncryptSAMCreds.bat <samuser password> (from \SOI\Tools command prompt)

2) Since this SOI 3.3 is running on ArcServe D(SOI 4.2 doesn't support DR) disable 2nd SOI Manager DR entry in "" as mentioned in 3.3 Wiki 

Solution for Cause 2:
The eem-config.xml file located at 2 locations,
       => \SOI\tomcat\custom
       => \SOI\tomcat\webapps\sam

1) If the encrypted password string is incorrect in one of the above files, Upgrade | Installer cannot proceed
2) Copy encrypted password string from 1st file to second file or generate new encrypted password using "EncryptSAMCreds.bat" and then update this in both files
3) Re-run the installer

With above changes, now upgrade will continue and Manager will be upgraded to 4.2 version


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